- Don't share equipment

- No saliva or sweat on the ball

- No high-fives or handshakes

- Maintain social distancing

- Use hand sanitiser regularly

GBCC is committed to providing a safe environment for all participants.

Organisations must follow the current COVID-19 Public Health Orders, and also manage risks to staff and other people in accordance with Work Health and Safety laws.

Here is a link to our current COVID-19 Safety Plan: GBCC COVID-19 Safety Plan


These rules are to ensure that community sport can continue during the current pandemic. All participants must abide by them, including players, coaches, managers, parents and spectators. 

NSW Health will be monitoring matches throughout the season, and failure to comply could lead to fines and the cancellation of the competition.

So by following these simple rules, we can continue to play cricket this summer: 

- No sharing of equipment. Bring your own equipment and your own char. (If you need any equipment, please contact your coach or team manger)

- Do not shine balls with saliva or sweat at any time.

- Do not touch other players. This includes high-fives, handshakes, hugs, rumbles and other physical contact. (Elbow bumps are encouraged to replace handshakes and other physical celebrations).


- Use the hand sanitiser provided regularly.


- You must sign in for contact tracing at all club events via the online form on the club website. (If you are on the teamsheet for a match you are automatically registered).


- Enter and exit venues as instructed by your team's captain / COVID marshal.


- Place your team kit in your team's designated area, spacing kits 1.5m apart.


- Place your equipment carefully into your own kit after use.

- No sharing of food or drinks. Bring your own filled water bottle, plus plenty of extra water and food.


- Maintain 1.5m distance between yourself and other players and officials at all times (unless you're keeping up to the stumps or in slips)


- Do not spit or clear nasal passages.


- Place all used tissues and wipes in the bin or garbage bag provided.


- Umpires should not hold any personal items from players, such as hats and sunglasses.


- If an item needs to be shared (such as ball counters or pens/pencils) they should be cleaned with antiseptic wipes before passing onto another person. (We recommend everyone brings their own pens/pencils to matches).

Below are links for the current information provided by Cricket Australia. If you have any questions, please contact our Covid Safety Coordinator, Peter Crew, at

Cricket Australia COVID-19 Guidelines

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