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The GBCC Code of Conduct covers anyone participating before, during and after matches, and includes post-match functions, training, and any time a player is wearing GBCC apparel in public.





  • Assault or attempt assault on anyone

  • Abuse, psychically or orally, anyone

  • Act in a way that insults, offends, vilifies or humiliates a person based on sexuality, race, religion, colour, descent or ethnic origin

  • Use abusive language or gestures or act in any way against the Spirit of Cricket

  • Consume alcohol during a match

  • Act in any way that reflects poorly on GBCC and its Sponsors



From GBCC BY LAWS (MAY 2019):

To underpin the club objectives, all members shall recognise and adhere to:

  1. the constitution, rules and by-laws, and

  2. the best interests and intentions of the Club.       

  3. the following codes of conduct adopted by the club:    

  • Cricket Australia’s code of conduct for amateur level cricket which outlines codes of behaviour for coaches, teachers, umpires, players and parents.       

  • Cricket NSW’s code of conduct

  • Plus any other code of conduct applied by registered competitions which the club participates in, including but not limited to:                   

i. Penrith Junior Cricket Association (PJCA)
ii. Nepean District Cricket Association (NDCA)
iii. Sydney Morning Cricket Association (SMCA)

These shall be adhered to at the following events:

(a) At all games, including pre and post match activities, held by

a. any competition that the club has registered players for, or
b. the club, or
c. Club registered events

(b) Social activities organised or supported by the Club



Any transgression of the code of conduct by a member(s) shall be dealt with under the processes and provision outlined in the club's by-laws.


NDCA Code of Conduct

PJCA/Cricket NSW Code of Conduct

Cricket Australia Code of Conduct

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