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GBCC fields junior teams for boys and girls across all ages in the Penrith Junior Cricket Association (PJCA).

Season starts 16 September

Break from week before Christmas until school returns in 2024.

Finals held in March. 

Games are played on Saturday mornings, but ground availability may occasionally require Sunday morning games.


Under 9s, 10s & 11s (Stage 1) - $100

Stage 1 Cricket is ideal for children starting their cricketing journey with an emphasis on participation.

  • 7 players a side

  • 20 overs per side

  • 16 metre pitch

  • Every player will bat and bowl. Batters face an allocated number of balls even if they get out.

Under 12 and Under 13 (Stage 2) - $120

08:30am – 12:00pm

Stage 2 is progresses to a more competitive and challenging format.

  • 9 players a side.

  • 30 overs per side.

  • 18 metre pitch.

  • Batters can be dismissed.

  • Batters must retire when they have faced 35 balls.

  • All players will bowl.

Under 14 - Under 16 (Stage 3) - $120

08:00am – 12:30pm

These age groups play traditional one-day cricket.

  • 11 players a side.

  • 40 overs per side

  • Full length pitch.

  • Batters must retire after reaching a century.


Per PJCA policy, no child will be allowed to register or play for a team that is more than 2 years above their correct age.


  • Playing Shirt -  $40 each.

  • Pants - $20 

  • Cap - $15

  • Baggies - $50

Cricket Australia and Cricket NSW Fees 

"National Registration Fee" covers player insurance and administration fees.

Reminder - you can use your child's Active Kids voucher from the NSW Government towards your registration.


If you are registering to play Juniors AND Seniors, please register once in the Junior Competition.

If you want to play as a full time senior, please contact Seniors Vice President Rob Dorrough at

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